Save it as “crazy.ps1” and give it spin (disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any damage, frustration, anger, resentment, depression, despair or insanity attributed, directly or indirectly to any direct or derivative use of the following waste of time)

Here’s the first three pieces. You add the rest…

$vsf = "$env:TEMP\crazy.vbs"
Set-Content $vsf "Set fso = CreateObject(`"Scripting.FileSystemObject`")"
Add-Content $vsf "Set osh = CreateObject(`"Wscript.Shell`")"
Add-Content $vsf "tmp = osh.ExpandEnvironmentStrings(`"%temp%`")"
Add-Content $vsf "fn = tmp & `"\crazy.bat`""
Add-Content $vsf "Set oFile = fso.CreateTextFile(fn, True)"
Add-Content $vsf "oFile.WriteLine(`"@echo off`")"
Add-Content $vsf "oFile.WriteLine(`"dir %temp%`")"
Add-Content $vsf "oFile.WriteLine(`"pause`")"
Add-Content $vsf "oFile.Close"
Add-Content $vsf "osh.Run tmp & `"\crazy.bat`",1,True"
Start-Sleep -Seconds 2
cscript.exe /nologo $vsf

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