What could possible go wrong, eh?

  1. Did you actually deploy the application? Are you sure?
  2. Did you go back and check it again?
  3. Did you manually test the package content before loading into ConfigMgr?
  4. Did any of the deployments succeed or did only some fail?
  5. Are they failed or pending or unknown?
  6. If it completed with “failed” did you chase down the exit code?
  7. Is it really just waiting for a reboot?  Are you sure?
  8. Are the devices online and accessible (i.e. pingable)?
  9. Did you review the site server application logs?
  10. Did you review the site server distribution logs?
  11. Did you review the client logs?
  12. Did you review the client Windows event logs?
  13. Did you check the fireplace logs?
  14. Did you test the installation using the same account (or local System) which the ConfigMgr client uses?  How about the Network Access account?
  15. Is there any pattern you can detect (device, OS, site location, etc.)?
  16. Is there another prior installation waiting for a client reboot?
  17. Did you set a start and expiration installation window?  Is it correct?
  18. Did you put the intended device (or user) into the correct Collection?
  19. Did you target users while populating the Collection with devices? (or vice versa?)
  20. Do the devices have a healthy client agent?
  21. Do the devices have enough disk space?
  22. Does the application deployment specify using the client cache?
  23. Do the devices have a large enough cache?
  24. If you used a script-wrapper to deploy the application, did you make sure it returns an exit/result code at the end?
  25. How about when it aborts before finishing?
  26. Do you know what “error handling” or “exception handing” is?
  27. Are there maintenance windows on the Collection?
  28. Did you distribute the content?  Are you sure?
  29. Did the content finish distribution to the DPs?
  30. Are the clients within the site boundaries associated with the DP?
  31. Are the site boundaries correct with regards to the actual network segments and locations?
  32. Did you check the network LAN and WAN links to see if they’re still up?
  33. Do you know what LAN and WAN links are?
  34. Are the site boundaries overlapping?
  35. Do you know what site boundaries are?
  36. Do you know what boundary groups are?
  37. Did you remember to create boundary groups and configure them?  Are you sure?
  38. Is there a third-party anti-virus product operating on the clients?
  39. Did you check the anti-virus logs?
  40. Is the anti-virus scanner configured to exclude the appropriate local paths?
  41. What about the firewall settings?
  42. Did you actually check to see if the installation didn’t complete successfully, or did you just take the user’s claim about it not showing up anywhere?
  43. Is the user drunk at a loud party?
  44. Is the user actually on the correct device or someone else’s?
  45. Is the user even looking at a company-owned device, or messing with his buddy’s porn tablet with spyware installed through it?
  46. Did you make the deployment “available” or “required”?
  47. Did you configure it to display in the notification area or software center?
  48. Did you check the client health status of the devices?
  49. Did you deploy it yourself, or ask the new guy to do it for you?
  50. Did you get enough sleep last night?
  51. Did you drink any coffee? Iced tea? Monster, Rock Star or Red Bull?
  52. Did you swallow a few 5-hour Energy Drink bottles?
  53. Did you dunk your head in a sink filled with ice water?
  54. Are you sure you even installed ConfigMgr anywhere in the environment?
  55. Are you drunk?
  56. Are you high?
  57. Are you still reading this?

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