What could possibly go wrong?  Here’s a few possibilities:

Set the stage:  Their landing is broadcast “live” on worldwide media.  The whole world is watching, and…

  1. The visitors have bodies that look amazingly similar to over-sized human sexual organs
  2. The visitors faces look like human butt cheeks.
  3. The visitors smell really really reeeeeeally awful.
  4. The visitors speak in a language that sounds like farting.
  5. The visitors express gratitude by urinating on anything nearby.
  6. The visitors drop feces the same way geese do (anywhere and everywhere)
  7. The visitors “laugh” by sneezing profusely.
  8. The visitors “laugh” by making farting noises.
  9. The visitors see humans the way humans see a fresh-grilled steak.
  10. The visitors see humans as looking identical to their sexual organs.
  11. The visitors all look exactly like Lil Wayne.
  12. The visitors think humans smell really, really reeeeeeeallly awful.
  13. The visitors think humans speak in languages that sound like their farts.
  14. The visitors think a handshake is an expression of hostile intent.
  15. The visitors think the phrase “peace” means “kill”
  16. The visitors see a human that looks exactly like their deity, and that person is Lil Wayne.
  17. The visitors have an innate power to make anyone they touch have an uncontrollable orgasm (shakes hands with world leaders on television).
  18. The visitors see insects as the supreme creatures of our planet and take major offense to their harm or killing by other creatures.
  19. The visitors look and behave like trees.  Motionless.  Unresponsive to human speech or physical gestures.
  20. Every appendage the visitors extend for greeting purposes look just like an over-sized human penis.

The visitors possess planet destroying capabilities.  They are emotionally unstable and easily irritated.

Now.  I ask you: What could possibly go wrong?


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