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Now, let’s move on.

In a nutshell:

  1. Microsoft Intune supports management and app-deployments to Windows desktops (among other capabilities)
  2. It (Intune) requires using a .EXE, .MSI or .APPX payload for Windows desktop app deployments.
  3. It requires hosting the application deployment content in the cloud.
  4. It limits installer payloads to 2 GB.
  5. AutoCAD 2016 network deployments are roughly the size of Texas.
  6. You can use one or more static UNC deployment shares from a single script.  This provides runtime redirection based on network conditions.
  7. You can package scripts into an .EXE using the IExpress utility, bundled into Windows since the beginning of time (and still built into Windows 10).

Hosting instructions in one place, but placing the referenced content in another location is often called a “hybrid” deployment.  When I asked my sources whether Intune supports hybrid deployments, the answer was “not yet”.  I take that to mean it may be forthcoming, but who knows.

One possible near-term approach to creating a hybrid deployment for AutoCAD 201x, would be as follows:

  1. Build the deployment share(s)
  2. Create a script to detect the client location and invoke the appropriate deployment share.
  3. Wrap the script inside an .EXE payload using IExpress
  4. Upload the .EXE into Intune and create deployments (required or available).

Just be sure that the script returns a result code (integer) at the end, or at any point where it could exit prior to completing all steps.  This means rigorous exception handling.  Learn it. Know it. Live it.  Exceptions are part of real life.  They’re why you keep a jack and spare tire in your car.



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