1 – Snapshots

The sooner you understand and make use of them, the less painful life can be.

2 – Templates

Template everything.  Procedures. Plans. Reports. System builds. Profiles.  All of it.  Reinventing wheels is dumb.

3 – Don’t Cut Corners

Going cheap usually ends up going painful.

4 – Dog Fooding

Make sure you can eat the food you’re serving before you serve it to others.

5 – It’s all Hype until Proven Valuable

No matter what vendors say.  No matter what customers testify to.  No matter what conferences announce.  Until you test it in your own environment, under your own criteria, it’s hype.  Sort of like guilty until proven innocent.

6 – Patching is Forever

There will never be an end to patching.  It continues until the universe implodes.

7 – Cutting Edge is only for a While

The most technologically-advanced product in the universe is out of date within a year.  Sometimes even sooner.

8 – There is No “Best” Anything

Operating systems. Browsers. Databases. Web services. Programming languages.  Whatever. Each has something up its sleeve the others don’t.  Each has a broken bone it’s hiding from the others too.  And even when something is overwhelmingly better in more areas than the competition, rule 7 comes back into play.

9 – Politics Trumps Technology

Best ideas are beaten by budget-meisters.  Human ego squashes altruistic vision.  Business culture dominates all in IT.

10 – Certifications are like Trophies

When you’re young you stack up trophies in a case.  When you’re older, you stack up certifications on your resume (and on LinkedIn).  They rarely prove your real value to performing a job in the IT world.


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