A back-end script process that assists with automating the removal of computer accounts in an Active Directory domain as they are identified as being replaced with another computer.  Populate the SQL database table using CMWT, DPMS, a script, your own web forms interface, two sticks and mud, duct tape and meditation. Whatever it takes.


To help keep an AD domain “clean” of unused/invalid computer accounts.


  1. Extract the ZIP contents into a folder
  2. Create a database named “ADWT” (or use existing one)
  3. Create the table “Replacements” as provided in the .sql file
  4. Open the “readme” file and follow the directions to update the .vbs script.
  5. Populate the table with a test row (old computer name, new computer name, etc.)
  6. Test the script.
  7. If test is successful: create a recurring Scheduled Task to run the script using an AD account which has permissions to delete specified computer accounts in the domain.




You know where.  But if you don’t, how can you get there?


Who else?


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