5. Where is Virginia Beach?

It sits next to the cities of Norfolk and Chesapeake, at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. North Carolina borders it along the south. The easiest way to find however is to watch The Weather Channel, where it will be the area just outside the bottom of the northeast map,  and just outside the top of the southeast map. You have to imagine it, but it’s there.

4. What’s there to do in Virginia Beach?

When it’s warm,  there’s plenty to do outdoors. When it’s cold,  there’s drinking,  working and shopping.  If you’re clever,  you can combine all three.

Regardless of the weather,  one rule you have to learn is the “no fun on land”  rule. If it’s fun,  and occurs on dry land, it’s either illegal or requires an expensive and complicated permit. And even with a permit,  it might still be illegal. Hills are not for sliding down,  rolling over or sledding (in snow). No cooking on the beach.  All legal fun has to occur on water or in the air.

3. How expensive is it to live there?

Way, way too expensive. Whatever you’d expect to pay for a decent place in Atlanta, multiply that by 1.5 – 2.0 times.

2. How to get around?

Walking or driving. Mass transit does not exist beyond theory. Expect most trips to take an hour if it means crossing town,  or two hours to get to another nearby town. If you’re wealthy you can own a helicopter, but the permit requires playing golf with the mayor. Golf outings have to be scheduled for when he’s not tending to board meetings at the bank he owns.

Driving is often a challenge due to the mix of population and driving habits from their home towns (see item 1).

1. Describe the citizen demographic?

It’s a complicated mix of three primary groups:

– angry military families
– angry tourists,  and
– frustrated locals

Most of the locals are angry ex-military who were fooled into staying on,  or ended up too broke to leave. Every now and then you may encounter a nice person. They usually are just visiting.

Now that you’re ready to come visit,  be sure to bring lots of cash. This place loves your cash.


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