With build 9926, 9987 and 10021 I had nothing but problems with VMware Workstation.  It didn’t matter 10.x or 11.x, but the second I shut down a guest VM, poof!  Machine lock-up.  Dead.  Power button til the lights go out.  I tried every hack and some would work, for a while.  Then the problem would come back.


Then came 10074 and 1009(something) and now 10122.  Good news is VMware Workstation 10.x and 11.x seem to work fine.  But now the Synaptics Touchpad is hosed beyond eternity.  The device is an HP Elitebook 9470m Folio “EnergyStar” model, with a 256 GB Samsung EVO SSD, and 16 GB of RAM.  They come with four touchpad buttons.  A pair above the touchpad and another pair below.  None of the driver installs or manipulation of settings enables the lower pair to function.  The top-left no longer works as a single-click, but fires automatic three-click bursts every time it’s touched.  The right-click works as a right-click though.

My wife’s Dell Inspiron 3000 works fantastic with 10021 installed and only 4 GB of RAM and a 500 GB spindle drive.  Go figure.

I think I’ve finally had it.  After months of trying to make this work on my laptop, it’s time to revert to Windows 8.1.  At least that always worked well.  Maybe I’ll give it another shot when the RTM lands.

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