5. It Takes Vision and Risk.

These are two words which violate municipal code. The other is “fun”.

4. Insecurity

For all the tax money spent on bike paths,  business zones,  performance halls,  libraries, recreation centers, useless concrete structures near dangerous intersections, and police training academies,… deep down, the city leaders are scared shitless that faster transportation will result in a mass exodus to Norfolk and other surrounding places. God forbid people leave Virginia Beach to find something to eat or drink in Ghent.

3. Captive Audiences

After slugging their way through hours of I-64 backups, city road congestion and angry tourists, many worn-out tourists are just too tired to survey anything beyond city limits.  At least for a few days. Once ready to leave, being stuck on the backed-up highways means more time to read the oceanfront related billboards, conveniently mounted above the rotting buildings, dilapidated homes and uncontrolled weeds.

2. Voters

Most citizens who vote in this area are the elderly.  They don’t need to commute with the younger crowd to work every day. So the word “traffic”  to them implies sex or drug trafficking, related to the documentaries they watch on Netflix. The actual commuters are often too tired and annoyed to get out and vote. The remaining population are tourists and immigrant hotel and resort labor. Neither of whom can stop and worry about politics. They’re too busy tanning,  drinking, or catching a plane, … or (on the opposite end) scrambling one egg with a slice of toast to feed their four kids before catching the bus, and rushing to a shitty job where the locals can ignore them or treat them rudely.

1. Wrong Deep Pockets

If a real,  honest,  workable light rail system were actually designed,  approved and funded,  it would require a budget and management infrastructure larger than what a local podunk bank like Towne Bank could handle. That means a bigger bank would stand to benefit.  Virginia Beach mayor Sessoms is the CEO of Towne Bank.

End of story.  (by the way,  that kid at far right is me)


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