I know there’s a lot of “good” in each build with respect to its predecessor.  And I do appreciate those things.  Such as the changes to the Start Menu panel, and the new clock/calendar widget, but the frustration I tried to map into the infographic above is based on the system hangs, lock-ups, etc. which seem to have increased since 10041.  9926 was semi-flaky, but 10049 was much worse, even in my VM’s on other hosts.  10061 has helped with some processes hanging, but I’m still hoping for a fresh newer build soon to address that.

What I like about Windows 10 (so far)

  • The new Start Menu
  • The new Command console features
  • The Task Bar notification area
  • The new Task View feature
  • The changes in WMI classes

Not So Much

  • The insistent leaning on OneDrive when saving documents from Office
  • The shotgun blast tree panel in Explorer
  • The icon theme is ugly as a dead cat in a woodchipper (okay, the square Recycle Bin isn’t too bad)
  • Missing right-click features on OneDrive folder objects (like Google Drive offers)
  • The “This PC” properties panel still doesn’t show the Model name.
  • Unfinished migration from Control Panel to Settings

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