• Since changing to “Fast” it seems updates are slower to come out
  • I’m ready to move on past 10049
    • I miss 10041
    • I don’t miss 9926
  • Cortana:
    • Nice for mobile devices
    • Mobile devices can be yelled at while driving or in the restroom, or driving while using the restroom
    • Desktop computers don’t need voice activated anything
    • An office filled with yapping people is already too much
  • “Preview” is now what used to be called “beta”
  • Under the hood
    • I really wish Regedit was part of the CompMgmt.msc console
    • I really really wish Regedit could be opened with a remote connection via CLI
    • I wish someone would call Chris Hansen, rent a van, kidnap all the CLI coders in Redmond and hold them captive in a mountain enclave until they finished making all the syntax options the same (or even remotely similar)
    • The default password policy should force a complex entry right from the first login, especially in workgroup mode.
  • On the hood
    • File extensions should be enabled by default
    • Clueless users take hours to talk through finding the “word-looking” file by describing the icon over the phone
    • The GUI icon set looks like a Transformers figure had sex with a Lego kit and get run over by a steam roller
    • I wish *everything* still owned by Control Panel were finally migrated into “settings”
    • The new CMD console is pretty nice, but why not go ahead an merge it with Notepad?
    • The PowerShell ISE needs some TLC, especially the console pane.
    • robocopy AND xcopy?  really?
    • “deprecated” means “will hang around until Palestine and Israel are buddies.
    • Please, do something with Notepad?  Maybe license Notepad++ or something close?
    • Why do we need four links where three go to the same applet?  Why not just “Device Manager” and “Advanced Settings”?



When is the next build coming out?


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