This past week was bad for me and my family.  Not the worst we’ve been through, but far from the best.  Some things I’ve learned…

  • Truth and honesty do not always result in good things
  • Sometimes the people you expect to have your back, can’t have your back, and  you can’t be angry at them for it
  • Some people will hate you, even when you try your best to earn their trust…
    • Maybe it’s your gender
    • Maybe it’s your skin tone
    • Maybe it’s your last name
    • Maybe you remind them of someone else
    • Maybe they’re convinced you’re friends with their enemies
  • Bullies don’t fade off after grade school.  They buy new suits and keep going
  • Being hurt doesn’t hurt as much as watching other good people getting hurt
  • The luckiest thing for some people is that the people they’ve hurt haven’t won the lottery yet.
  • I’m buying more lottery tickets

Back to studying… namaste.


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