With the recent blabber about sending a group of volunteer colonists to Mars, I started thinking about how many ways it could play out. Here goes…

1. Peaceful,  gradual scale out

This is the ideal.  However,  as with most human endeavors, it is the least likely option.

2. Crash and burn

They can’t find the brakes. The lowest bidder system suffers some catastrophic failure.  The spacecraft explodes,  runs into the Martian surface or just misses and flies off toward outer space. The crew argues and ends up killing each other.

3. Slow disintegration

Radiation. Bad atmosphere conditions.  Dust. All slowly work their sinister magic on the cellular integrity of their biological facilities.

4. This land is my land

They discover something incredible,  and valuable, never before seen. Earth decides it needs to exploited. The colonists disagree.  Approaching spacecraft are attacked or shot down. War ensues.

4a. This land is my land 2

The colonists decide they like separation from all of the perceived ills of their mother planet and forbid any more visitors.  Colonists pass laws in defiance of Earth. Attempts to send more Colonists,  or forces of social control,  are met with fierce resistance. A de facto war ensues.

4b. This land is our land

Colonists urge like minded earth-haters to join them and build a new utopia. The increase in population,  and pressure on limited resources, leads to either scenario 5 or 6.

5. Slow separation.

Nothing major happens.  Life evolves independently of Earth.  New languages and customs evolve.  Eventually,  neither planet can understand the other. Frustration grows and a general dislike and distrust develops.

6. Helter skelter

Realizing insurmountable obstacles and insufficient preparation the colonists begin a rapid emotional decent into hostile attacking of each other. Having cannibalized all resources in a desperate attempt to survive,  they begin cannibalizing each other.

7. Life boat getaway

Earth nations begin a bitter debate over the ownership and resource rights on Mars. War breaks out on earth,  refugees flee to Mars. The increase in population and demand on limited resources leads to scenario 5 or 6.

8. The hand grenade is thrown

A space craft arrives carrying the kardashians. The locals kill them immediately and then return to dinner.

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