forkintheroadWith all the hype, the subtle marketing and positioning that’s going on right now, relating to Windows 10 “preview”, it’s easy to miss one crucial point:  Like or not; scoff or embrace, it’s coming like a mountain slide.

I would recommend that if you even rub against Microsoft products in your line of work, that you get your hands on it ASAP and start getting familiar with it.


Because two words will stick to the face, eyes, ears and brains of every CTO, CIO, CFO and CEO around the globe:  Free upgrade.

Technological improvements aside.  UI/UX improvements aside.  As an IT worker, we all know that most major IT projects are initiated by non-technical folks who wear suits and carry the company checkbook.

While you’re hacking code, and plugging in wires, they’re playing golf, sipping martini’s and saying things like “my nephew says we can get all our computers on Windows 10 for no cost!“, and “AND I hear it will work on our phones and tablets too!“, while the other executive says something like “I’m sure my IT staff will bitch like they always do.  Nerds.  Hey Jim, hand me that 9 iron?

You can ignore it, or embrace it. But like an asteroid, that thing is heading our way fast and there’s a good chance you’re standing in the crosshairs.

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