Bill Asks:  I have a user who is experiencing system slowness while working on a 16 MB drawing and saving a 660+ MB solution file (.sol).  What could be the reason? What can the user do to improve performance?

Dave’s Answer:   The user is an idiot.  Fire them and hire a new person from any nearby bus stop to replace them.  No, seriously though, just check the usual suspects:

  1. Check Disk integrity (free space, errors, fragmentation, etc.)
  2. RAM (needs 4GB as bare minimum) – and check concurrent / background processes
  3. CPU shouldn’t be an issue.
  4. NIC shouldn’t be an issue – it loads the data into RAM regardless of source location
  5. File Size – not an issue unless RAM and Disk are not up to snuff.


  • If the Disk is to blame, replace spindle drive with an SSD.  If budget allows, buy two (2) and use one for the OS and the other for data storage.
  • If RAM is to blame, add more.
  • If the CPU is to blame, buy a new computer.
  • If the NIC is to blame, buy a new computer.
  • If drawing File size is too large, and they’re not working for Pixar or Disney, make sure the user isn’t building a porn animation project (unless that contract pays really well)

Basically, AutoCAD manages (mostly) vector and (some) raster data.  It leans heavily on CPU, RAM and Disk I/O, unless 3D or rendering tasks are involved which tap into the GPU.  Aside from that, the rest is up to RAM and paging, and of course:  budget.

Dave out


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