Remember when a “surprise” was a real “surprise”?


Like birthday gifts.  Christmas morning. Hannukah, or school lunch?  Yeah.  Well, apparently, most of the education institutions in the modern world gave up on that idea when it comes to marketing courses.

The last hold-out was Apple.  They used to drop hints, and then drop a true bombshell in front of the cameras.  And then, just to smile and chuckle, Steve would add “and one more thing!…”.  The nice part was usually the finish.  Rather than, “it’s coming soon”, it would end with “and you can but it right now!”.


Now, everyone in the technology world, including Apple, is all about the “Get ready! It’s coming!”  “Get ready!”  “Are you ready?”  “Are you sure, and I mean really sure, that you’re really really ready?!” and then like some drunk teenager trying to impress their half-drunken date, they strip naked and reveal they’re actually a cat walking on stilts, wearing a costume.  Total let down.

Even the so-called “secret event” announcements mean nothing now.  In the first 24 hours after announcing that a major announcement is coming, the pundits have worn out all the possible, probable, likely, expected, and predictable details.  It’s so boring now that the predictions are getting more and more accurate.  And in more and more cases, the predictions are more interesting than the actual details.  Sad.

Get used to it.  It’s now the way things are marketed.  Santa is dead.  The Easter Bunny is a lie kids.  All the presents come from Dollar Tree and mom and dad sneak them under the tree while you’re snoozing on Benedryl.  Good luck folks.


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