1. Shoot the MS Access Developer. Use a silencer if possible and always remember to cover the floor with 3 mil plastic and wear surgical gloves. Cleanliness is everything.
  2. Create a new Database on the desired SQL Server host. If necessary, use chloroform and a cotton washcloth and tell the DBA you’re a census taker.  Whatever it takes to get access (pardon the pun).
  3. Right-click on the new Database and select Tasks / Import Data.  Take a deep breath and pretend you’re James Earl Jones and doing your best diabolical bad-guy laugh.
  4. Select the appropriate database Data Source type (e.g. “Microsoft Access (Microsoft Access Database Engine)”).
  5. Select the MDB or ACCDB file, provide user and password (if required), walk through the bouncing form prompts and finish.
  6. Delete the Access database or throw darts at it.
  7. Carefully move the unconscious DBA to a different location before they wake up.

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