If you’re like many Google Docs users, you’ve probably spent most of your time using Docs and Spreadsheets (aka “Sheets”).  But if you use Microsoft PowerPoint as much as I do (I’m an insane user of it), you might want to at least poke a stick at Google Slides now.  While it still doesn’t match PowerPoint 2013 on all fronts, it does provide a lot of bang for zero bucks.  Especially if you have kids that do presentations for school work, and so on.

Granted, Microsoft gives away a student version of Office now for those enrolled in qualified educational programs.  But if you don’t fall into that niche, it might still be worth a try.

What’s missing?

On the formatting front, it lacks some of the style effects such as shadows, reflections, 3D rotations and Smart Art.  On the animation front it lacks delay timers, and some basics like Wipe, Float, Wheel, Bounce and Blinds.  I really would be okay without most of those except for Wipe and delay timers.  I use wipe actions for simulating flows on process diagrams.  It helps make the elbow connectors look like they grow across the page.

Here’s a screen capture from (literally) 6 minutes of tinkering.  And here’s a link to the actual slide online.  Enjoy!



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