It’s IT certification exam question time again.  This is an excerpt from the ITRW-2014 exam for attaining the title of “Certified Professional IT Whipping Post”. If you don’t have this yet, you’d better hurry. Most IT pros are already on their way to getting this cert, and you dont want to be left out.

To summarize some of the key objectives for this certification, it covers the following critical skills and capabilities of a serious IT professional:

  • Doing more with less. And then doing even more with even less. And still less until it’s just you alone.
  • Saying “Yes!” to the CIO when the technical correct answer should be “no”.
  • Implementing the second or third best technology because the vendor offered a sweeter deal and your CTO sure loves the new golf clubs they threw in.
  • Mastering the art of dropping everything to work on a “white glove” request, which has no request ticket, for the manager who just announced no work will be allowed without a request ticket.
  • Perfecting your description of catastrophic system failures as “challenges” or “opportunities” instead of “catastrophic system failures”.
  • Mastering the skill of smiling and laughing while realizing the department manager just called you an idiot in front of a packed conference room. But only because you enjoy knowing the fact that the department manager doesnt know the difference between a web application and webbed feet.
  • And most important: Honing that life-saving skill for the locating and securing of fresh doughnuts and hot coffee.

Exam Question 1

You are flown to a remote location to provide executive support for one of the partners at the world-renowned law firm of Sphinctamos y Rectosa. The partner introduces you to the CIO, named Hugh Jorgan.

He explains that their arch rival, the firm of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe have just invested heavily in an expensive systems monitoring and reporting product named Molarwinds.

She wants your opinion on whether it’s better for their needs than System Center Operations Manager 2012.  She also explains that while they’ve owned licenses for Ops Manager 2012, they never installed it due to staffing shortages.

You recommend which of the following:

A. Install and use Ops Manager 2012 as soon as possible.

B. Install and use Ops Manager 2012 as soon as possible and hire you to perform the installation.

C. Install and use Ops Manager 2012 as soon as possible, hire you to install it and ask where the restroom is so you can take care of that burrito you ate on the taxi ride to their office.

D. Install and use Ops Manager 2012 as soon as possible, hire you to install it, ask for the nearest restroom and ask her if Sphinctamos and Rectosa are ever in the same room together.


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