It was a busy week.  Here’s a summary of what I learned.

  • Cats can eat twice as much food as their body mass and volume.
  • Cats can puke twice as much food as they’ve eaten.
  • Some dogs find cat puke to be quite tasty.
  • Building web apps to integrate things like AD, SCCM, Solarwinds is incredibly easy and incredibly powerful for a business.
  • Nobody besides this customer cares about web apps that integrate AD, SCCM and Solarwinds.
  • It is quite possible to wind up in a position where you take insanely stupid orders from someone higher than you in the organization, who is paid less than you.
  • A lot more people than I expected have trouble spelling “maintenance” besides me.
  • It’s quite possible for a huge hospital database system to suddenly swap SSN’s between patients without anyone noticing.

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