It’s basic.  It’s crude.  It’s infantile (yes, it really is), but I made it work without writing a single line of code.  That’s right.  Other than typing in names for objects, and entering text for labels, I did not have to write any conditional, logical, calculative or manipulative code whatsoever.  How?  MIT App Inventor 2, that’s how.

Open up the design workspace in a browser (I use Google Chrome), create a project. Drag some controls onto the design surface, arrange and rename them.  Click on “Blocks” to drag code components in and attach them like Lego blocks. Download the phone companion or use the emulator.  I use the phone app companion.  It allows you to compile the app, snapshot the QR code to install your app directly to your phone and launch it.

Maybe this is old hat for you, maybe not.  If not, check it out.  If other tools made it this fun (yes, I said “fun”) to write code, well, I could get excited about programming like I was when I first started writing it.  Now… I just need to figure out what to do next.




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