What Windows 10 will mean to those of us outside of Microsoft…

Windows 10
Windows 10
  • It will result in having to explain what happened to Windows 9 to every executive from now until Windows 11 ships.  Repeatedly. And again for their wife, children, golf buddies and attorneys.  Then you’ll have to go over it in the next budget meeting.
  • Everyone you know will be asking if you can get them a free copy somehow.
  • It will probably still have a code version of 6.x
  • The build number will still be as meaningless to developers and admins as it’s always been.
  • It will still contain truckloads of outdated, inconsistent, legacy code and commands.
  • It will still allow crappy vendors to hire crappy developers to produce crappy apps which are crappy to deploy for large environments.
  • No matter how soon you get hold of a copy, there will be at least one critical update you’ll need.
  • The 64-bit side will still look like a cat’s head duct-taped onto a pig with legs of a horse strapped on.  (e.g. “Program Files (x86)”, SysWow64, Wow6432node, etc.)
  • Drivers will still be a pain in the ass.
  • Most of your expensive apps will still be expensive to maintain.
  • Most of your garage-ware apps will have problems and you’ll be praying that the guy who wrote it in his garage didn’t let his cat urinate on the keyboard and blow up the only source from which to make the next version.
  • It will probably need another .NET version and along with that another four or five “flavors” of .NET to deal with.  You can be sure it won’t break any backwards compatibility.
  • It’ll mean all the folks who scraped up money to buy those “Windows 8” and “Windows 9” domains from GoDaddy will feel pretty stupid.

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