The Long and Winding Road



  • Drafting with plastic lead / mechanical pencils on mylar film (U.S. Navy contracted design work)
  • Working with Computervision CADDS 4x
  • Working with Intergraph EMS and VDS systems
  • Working with Bentley Microstation
  • Working with Microcadam and Helix
  • Working with AutoCAD for the first time


  • Drafting of HVAC and Piping systems for U.S. Navy aircraft carrier overhauls
  • Learning to work with translated CAD systems data
  • Hired into much larger company to manage a new AutoCAD network implementation
  • Learned to managed networks running Windows NT and Windows 2000 soon after


  • First trip to Autodesk University in Los Angeles


  • AU in Philadelphia


  • AU in Boston (one of four that year)


  • AU in Las Vegas
  • I started a new job at a smaller company doing a lot more stuff


  • Programming with AutoLISP/Visual LISP for AutoCAD 2004
  • Standing up WUS/WSUS and Windows Server 2003
  • Standing up a VMware test lab
  • AU in Las Vegas.  My last time at an AU
  • Writing books on AutoLISP and AutoCAD


  • Customizing AutoCAD with AutoLISP, SQL Server, Visual Basic and ASP
  • Deploying AutoCAD 2007 and custom apps via System Center Configuration Manager 2003 R2
  • Deploying Windows images with WDS and RIS
  • Building more VMware lab stuff
  • Writing books on AutoLISP and AutoCAD


  • Switched from Defense world IT, to consulting and back to the Defense world
  • Packaging and Repackaging software deployments using Wise Package Studio
  • Writing web applications with ASP, SQL Server
  • Deploying software with Altiris


  • Switched back to consulting
  • Repackaging software deployments with InstallShield AdminStudio
  • Deploying software with Configuration Manager 2007
  • Writing web applications with ASP, SQL Server, Configuration Manager, LDAP and cold bitter coffee


  • Microsoft TechEd in Atlanta


  • Finishing up 6000 seat migration from XP to Windows 7 with team of six ass-kickers
  • Back to repackaging with AdminStudio for a while
  • Working with Configuration Manager 2012
  • Microsoft TechEd in Orlando
  • More consulting work


  • ASP, SQL Server, LDAP, WMI, Config Manager 2007 and 2012
  • Trips to McDonald’s
  • ____

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