Im probably going to make this into a series, but that depends on how many hits this gets. Enjoy…


1. Turn off the SSID broadcast feature on your home wireless router, and change the default admin password.

2. Don’t use passwords.  Use pass-phrases or sentences.

3. Avoid naming things with embedded spaces unless you can’t avoid it.

4. Learn what RTFM means. Practice it.

5. Never grant admin rights without cross examining the reason.

6. Blame everything on the person who just left the company.

7. Silence your phone before going into important meetings.

8. Before you toss that five year-old computer see if an SSD or additional memory will revive it.

9. Make sure to backup important files daily or weekly. Never back things up to the same storage device or same computer where the originals reside.

10. Change all of your passwords and pass-phrases at least every six months. Set a calendar reminder for it and include a reminder list of all the acvounts you need to update,  like Facebook,  Amazon, Google, Twitter, Vine, bank accounts, shopping sites, and libraries.


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